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Fabrication Lab

Room 306

The Fab Lab is our digital fabrication facility. It is equipped with an Epilog Helix Laser, Dremel Digilab Laser, Roland Vinyl Cutter, and all associated software.

The lab is also outfitted with three 3D printers-- a Makerbot Replicator, Mojo, and Formlabs II.

Students also have access to large format archival printing on our new Epson 9900.


ALL STUDENTS MUST ATTEND TRAINING SESSION before using any of these tools on their own. Email Monica Driscoll at mjd533@nyu.edu or make an appointment on her CALENDAR to schedule a training session

ONLY students currently enrolled in a relevant department course may use these facilities and tools.


Students MUST make a reservation before using any lab equipment.

Students MUST attend a training session to use lab equipment.

Students who require extra assistance during their reservation may be asked to attend a training session again.

Lab staff has final authority over the equipment and space. Students found misusing the equipment or reservation calendar (ex. using tools without reservations, missed appointments, etc.) may be banned from the lab.

The lab is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

**Some tools have additional policies, please refer to the information on the reservation page for tool specific policies.

**The lab may not honor same day reservations. Many of our tools are LOCKED, unlocking the tools requires assistance from either the Lab Tech or the Lab Manager. Plan ahead and book time at least 24 hours in advance. DO NOT BOOK LAST MINUTE.

Book time using the calendars below. ONLY trained students may use these calendars:
Epilog Helix
Dremel Digilab
More Info
Vinyl Cutter
3D Printer
Formlabs II
3d Printer
Epson 9900
Large Format Printing
**ONLY students currently enrolled in a relevant department course may use these facilities and tools**
Fab Lab Equipment:

Epilog Helix Laser
Dremel Digilab Laser
Roland Vinyl Cutter
Makerbot Replicator
Formlabs II
Epson 9900 Large Format Printer

This lab is CLOSED on weekends
Questions about the Fab Lab?
Paula Rondon
Digital Studios Manager
1(212) 992 -7698